Foldable Bike Helmet - Plico

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  • The Plico is a foldable bicycle helmet for urban cycling & city roads. Surpasses official safety standards & impact test certified.

    • Certified Protection - Rigorously tested on all sides. Officially CPSC & EN1078 safety certified (UK, US, EU). Same certification as a standard bike helmet
    • Safety with Convenience - You're more likely to bring this helmet with you. Less hassle than a bulky helmet, compacts by 33% in volume
    • Stay Visible - Rechargeable rear clip-on light included. 3 settings of red flashes, use with any USB cable (cable not included)
    • Grab Attention - You'll turn heads on the road. 5 Bold colours & sleek clean lines
    • Tailored Fit - A properly fitting helmet is a safer helmet. Feel our patented design adjust to your own specific head shape
    • Feel the Breeze - 4 Air vent channels from front to back, prevents overheating
    • Lightweight - 410 grams
    • Help the environment - Produced from recycled materials

Upgrade your daily commute

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great gift

Bought this as a gift and it was well received, great product!

100 stars

I'm absolutely satisfied. Never had a better helmet.

First ride

Had first ride with mine today, seemed really nice, even though only have the option for medium and me having a "large" head it felt good - not overly heavy and reckon the rear light will be super useful come the dark evening rides.

Sizing & Fit

Helmet sizing & fit guide

**Please note: Only medium size available at this moment. Please make sure it will fit you with our fitting guide below.** 

Get your size

Mobile phone cable & ruler method (video below)
1) Place your ruler on a table in front of you.
2) Use both hands and wrap your mobile phone cable around your head, just above your eyebrows.
3) Wrap until both hands meet at the back of your head.
4) Hold the points at which the cables meet and measure against your ruler.
5) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Measuring tape method (in video below too)
1) Wrap measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows.
2) Wrap until both sides of the tape measure meet.
3) Make a note of the point where the tape measures meet.
4) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Why do you only have one size?

We're a British startup based in London and we've just launched. So, we only have medium available at this moment (55cm - 58cm).

This captures most head sizes for both men & women. We're developing a full size range, which should be available in the next few months!


One size fits all.