Size: Medium

Metric (cm): 55 - 58
US (in): 21.625 - 22.875
Hat size: 6 3/4 - 7 1/4

Safety Certification 

Surpasses standards & safety certified:

BSEN1078 - UK & European Standards

CPSC - US Standards

Design: Folding
Compacts by 33% in volume. Width by length = 16 x 15 cm from 21.5 x 15 cm.


USB-rechargeable rear clip-on light. 3 settings of red flashes, controlled by pressing light. USB cable not included.

Barcelona Black, Warsaw White, London Lime Green, Oakland Orange & Paris Pink

Matte finish

Fit: Tailored

Our patented auto-adjust design features fits closely to your head within the size range.


4 large air vent channels allowing a breeze to flow over your head as you ride.



Eco-friendly. Produced from recycled plastic.

Full-wrap in-mould polycarbonate shell with shock-absorbing EPS liner, optimised in density.

Anti-microbial ultrasuede padding

Smooth padded chin strap buckle, preventing strap burn

Chin straps moulded directly into EPS liner


4-notches on the inside of the helmet allow adjustments to fit

Rear Velcro tightening band

Warranty One year from date of purchase, please read our warranty policy.
Sizing & Fit

Helmet sizing & fit guide

**Please note: Only medium size available at this moment. Please make sure it will fit you with our fitting guide below.** 

Get your size

Mobile phone cable & ruler method (video below)
1) Place your ruler on a table in front of you.
2) Use both hands and wrap your mobile phone cable around your head, just above your eyebrows.
3) Wrap until both hands meet at the back of your head.
4) Hold the points at which the cables meet and measure against your ruler.
5) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Measuring tape method (in video below too)
1) Wrap measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows.
2) Wrap until both sides of the tape measure meet.
3) Make a note of the point where the tape measures meet.
4) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Why do you only have one size?

We're a British startup based in London and we've just launched. So, we only have medium available at this moment (55cm - 58cm).

This captures most head sizes for both men & women. We're developing a full size range, which should be available in the next few months!


One size fits all.