How to choose your bike helmet for commuting - LID Guide

November 06, 2018 2 min read

How to choose your bike helmet for commuting - LID Guide

Choosing a bike helmet for your commute

So you’ve started cycling to work – great! Now you want to choose the best bike helmet for commuting, but maybe you’re a little baffled by the huge range on sale and wondering what the differences are and why you need a specific commuter cycling helmet.

Allow us to help.


Looking for CE & CPSC marks

It’s all about picking the right tool for the job. First, it has to be a specific cycle helmet. This might seem obvious, but we’ve seen everything and helmets made for other activities are not designed for the sort of impacts that can occur in a cycling accident.

Safety is most important of all, so look for the CE mark in the EU and the CPSC rating in the US. Make sure it fits properly, too.

A helmet should be stable, snug and comfortable.


Different types of bike helmets

The huge array of cycling helmets ranges from superlight road and off-road race models, to super-tough full-face jobs for downhill mountain biking, to highly aerodynamic designs for time trial competition.

Race helmets

Of these, race helmets are the most commonly seen and what many people think of as a ‘normal’ bike helmet. Although they aren’t specifically designed for commuting and urban use.

Why not? Because they have different priorities. Racers & performance cyclists need maximum ventilation, minimum weight and optimised aerodynamics, which is a tricky combination. This requires expensive R&D to solve, pushing up the price.

These things matter less on your commute. 

Equally important to many people in the city is style. A road racing helmet can look pretty extra in town. You wouldn’t ride to work in a Lycra skinsuit like Chris Froome’s, so why wear the same sort of helmet? 

Urban helmets

The best Urban cycling helmets are designed for the job, with appropriate ventilation, a comfortable fit, all the protection, and a look that fits your style. But there’s one more thing.


Ease of use

A helmet can be bulky to stow, and we know that’s enough to put off some people from wearing one. Thankfully, there’s an answer.

The LID Plico offers all of the features of the best commuting helmets, with one important addition – it folds down to reduce its volume by a third, allowing it to slip easily into your bag.

This design also allows it to adjust itself to your head, so it couldn’t be easier to get a perfect fit.



Check out the range here.

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Sizing & Fit

Helmet sizing & fit guide

**Please note: Only medium size available at this moment. Please make sure it will fit you with our fitting guide below.** 

Get your size

Mobile phone cable & ruler method (video below)
1) Place your ruler on a table in front of you.
2) Use both hands and wrap your mobile phone cable around your head, just above your eyebrows.
3) Wrap until both hands meet at the back of your head.
4) Hold the points at which the cables meet and measure against your ruler.
5) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Measuring tape method (in video below too)
1) Wrap measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows.
2) Wrap until both sides of the tape measure meet.
3) Make a note of the point where the tape measures meet.
4) Make a note of the measurement, this is your head size!

Why do you only have one size?

We're a British startup based in London and we've just launched. So, we only have medium available at this moment (55cm - 58cm).

This captures most head sizes for both men & women. We're developing a full size range, which should be available in the next few months!


One size fits all.